Cot-Dua Houses

São Miguel do Gostoso - RN - Brazil
Private Residences

Inside the Condominium Cot-Dua and following the same architectonical idea from the Casa Veranda, a series of houses are built and reproduced during the following years.

The independent volumes, sometimes aligned in the same direction, sometimes forming a cross, bound together by a single breathable and light roof, specially designed to allow natural ventilation and micro-climate controlled environments, while creating a fascinating play of light and shadow.

The main idea is to create a front garden and a back garden, for day and night. The house welcomes the surrounding palm trees and the private pool facing the sunset, which the living area and the master suite overlook. There is no distinction between inner and outer. Here the wooden panels are filledwith glass, and a thick fabrik curtains (a marine waterproof canvas, breathableand highly durable, traditionally used for the sails of local fishing boats). They open widely to enjoy the house as a large open space adjustably shaded according to need.