Condominio Cot-Duá

São Miguel do Gostoso - RN - Brazil
Residential Complex

The residential complex Cot Duá is nestled in a wide palm grove located approx- imately 700m from the beaches of Sao Miguel do Gostoso. The project aims to be a safe and functional environment that maintains and enhances its relationship with the landscape. A breathable wall borders the private area, protecting it from the outside thus ensuring maximum safety.

Through the main entrance, a driveway leads to a large (communal) tropical gar- den which is freely usable by all owners. This multifunctional space serves as the central pivot which leads to the respective properties, protected from each otherby the flourishing greenery.

The total area of 10,000m2 is divided into 12 lots of various sizes, from 500m2 up to 850m2, plus the 2000m2 of common green area.