Casa Varanda

São Miguel do Gostoso - RN - Brazil
Private Residence

The house consists of four independent volumes bound together by a single breath- able and light roof, specially designed to allow natural ventilation and micro-cli- mate controlled environments, while creating a fascinating play of light and shad- ow.

Completely surrounded by large verandas whose variable size depend on the relationship between the spaces, the house welcomes the surrounding palm trees and the private pool facing the sunset, which the living area and the master suite overlook.

There is no distinction between inner and outer. A double curtain of wood panels allows you to enjoy the house as a large open space of over 200 square metersadjustably shaded according to need. Externally, a first layer of panels acts as a protection and a hermetic seal, while internally a second layer acts as a filter ca- pable of creating transparencies thanks to the gradual passage of light through a marine waterproof canvas, breathable and highly durable, traditionally used forthe sails of local fishing boats.

Designed in collaboration with Francesco Di Gregorio
Produced by ALPI LTDA