Casa 50 x 50 m

São Miguel do Gostoso (RN), Brazil
Private Residence

The Rua das Velas courtyard house is located in the fishermen’s village of SãoMiguel do Gostoso, RN.
It is settled in an old cashew trees plantation, 54 m wide and 50 m long, charac- terized by its tranquillity and the friendly neighbourhood.
The outstanding beauty of the terrain demands to be respected and preserved. The area of 2,700 m2 allows an architectural proposal that integrates and appro- priates the nature and at the same time, creates a space where owners and guests can enjoy privacy.
The residence is developed as a sequence of opened and closed spaces around a large courtyard, where the cashew trees are.
The house takes advantage of all the local elements to create its own world in an elegant and pleasant environment.